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ForexGridMaster is a revolutionary user friendly MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Expert Advisor Automated Forex Trading Robot, developed since 2005 by James King (photo above right), a Canadian who has been trading Forex professionally full-time since 2002. Using ForexGridMaster (FGM) without any programming experience, you can create and trade your own unlimited number of transparent automated MT4 Forex trading strategies ranging widely from simple to very sophisticated in nature. ForexGridMaster is also an excellent tool to greatly enhance manual trading, especially for stealth mode scalping and news events strategies.

Watch ForexGridMaster in action at our ForexGridMaster YouTube Channel with explanation and performance results. Be sure to choose highest quality setting for best viewing experience.

If you are not an experienced trader, but are good at basic computer skills and following written instructions, then FGM can work for you too. FGM strategies can be saved as preset (.set) files which are easily shared and plugged into FGM.

ForexGridMaster Automated Grid Trading places buy and or sell trade orders on the leading edge Forex Metatrader 4 (MT4) trading platform according to a pre-determined plan to capture profit from the constant up and down price action that happens regardless of the market trending, ranging, and or breaking out. Price moving up and down is simply and profoundly the most basic, obvious and reliable event in forex trading. Automated grid-trading is by far the best method to take full advantage of that, which is what ForexGridMaster was specifically designed to do. FGM is not limited to grid trading however, as it has evolved greatly over the last 7 years. It can do much more.

Create an unlimited number of strategies, no programming necessary.

ForexGridMaster grid-trading strategies can be created and further optimized at any time to trade all forex market conditions, either fully hands off during all open Forex market hours, 24/5, or for specific time periods and or market conditions, or for semi-manual trading, especially stealth mode scalping. ForexGridMaster's Industrial Strength Code can place and exit far more trades far faster and far more accurately than even a large professional team of manual traders, and with perfect discipline.

ForexGridMaster main features are ...

  • Create an unlimited number of automated trading strategies
  • No programming necessary, view FGM Advanced Manual here
  • FGM Advanced trades 2 grids, a MainGrid and or HedgeGrid or second grid
  • Money Management input settings compound profits and decrease losses
  • Create trend, range, breakout, short or long-term, and or portfolio strategies
  • Spike Protection using the settings MaxOrderPeriod and MaxOrderFrequenc
  • ChartEquity input sub-divides equity for Portfolio Trading and Margin Protection
  • Normalization, integrates Account-currency and Conversion-pair calculations
  • FGM is an exceptional tool for trading precise stealth mode scalping strategies
  • Create Martingale or Anti-Martingale type strategies with unique modifications
  • Capture 3000 pips profit per day trading Buys and Sells on one currency pair
  • Create strategies to trade economic news events and or specific time periods
  • Works for all 2, 3, 4 or 5 digit ECN, STP, Standard or Classic MT4 accounts
  • Works for all Account-currencies, USD, Euros, Pounds, Yen, CHF, CAD, etc.
  • FGM can also trade Gold, Silver, Oil, Indexes and more on the MT4 platform
  • In development since 2005, we are continuously adding new settings to FGM
  • Back-test ForexGridMaster strategies to see and know exactly how they work

ForexGridMaster is ...

  • NOT a "black box" robot with a proprietary unchangeable strategy, its
    logic and real risk unknown to Trader and not enough options to control risk.
  • NOT a robot depending on someone else for periodic optimization of settings
    that may or may not work and also may expose Trader to more risk than promised.
  • NOT a robot depending on subscription fees that Trader continuously pays to use.
  • NOT a robot that Trader abandons because it becomes unprofitable. There is no lack of options to customize strategy settings, risk and money management.
  • NOT a robot pushed on the market with a lot of hype, based on empty promises
    or unreliable back-testing or fake or unproven or cherry picked performance
    results, or showing the one account that profited out of the 50 that failed.

Reliable "black box" trading robots are very rare. I (James King) have been trading Forex full-time since 2002 and testing a great many carefully selected trading robots. We are also networked with many experienced long-time traders, all of us in total testing 1000s of robots. There are a few robots that are promising and worth watching as they evolve and we collaborate with some of the genuinely sincere robot developers. Feel free to enquire as we are willing to advise.

Below is a chart image demonstrating a scalping example where ForexGridMaster net profited 4.17% within 24 hours totally hands off. The orange vertical line CloseRuns captured 0.15% profit per Run. All trade orders are closed at the end of each Run to prevent accumulating negative trades, and then new Runs are started, all automated.

FGMv3.11 beta profiting on CloseRuns (vertical orange lines) about every 10 minutes

Keys to Grid Trading

Power of Compounding CloseRuns
Proper Back-testing, Optimization
and Walk Forward Testing
Traders VPS and Latency Chart
99% Modelling Quality Back-testing

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