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Compounded Forex Profits - Examples and Calculator

Compounded forex profits means that the first profit taken is added to the account balance to create a new larger account balance and then the next profit is based on and added to the new larger balance. This continues as the account balance grows exponentially due to the compounding of profits. ForexGridMaster profits from compounding CloseRuns as well as individual trades.

How long to double your account when compounding profits?

The simple formula is "Period = 69.3 divided by the Rate". If you are trading ForexGridMaster and profiting 1.5% every CloseRun (or trade, or day, or week or month), it would take 69.3 divided by 1.5 = 46 CloseRuns (or trades, or days, or weeks or months) to double your account balance. Each CloseRun is triggered by the setting CloseRunProfitPercent=1.5. ForexGridMaster has several settings that can be used to take advantage of compounding, the most powerful tool you have after you have learned how to obtain winning trades. You can use the calculator below for this too.

The Power of Compounding

$10,000 compounded monthly (or by CloseRun, day, week, or trade) at different rates.

AmountMonthsat 5%at 7%at 10%at 12%at 15%

The compounding results above include the original principal amount or account balance.

Further examples of $10,000 principal compounding monthly at different rates for 10 years.

10,000 for 10 years at 5% compounded monthly = 3,489,119.86
10,000 for 10 years at 7% compounded monthly = 33,577,883.83
10,000 for 10 years at 10% compounded monthly = 927,090,688.18
10,000 for 10 years at 12% compounded monthly = 8,056,802,550.13
10,000 for 10 years at 15% compounded monthly = 192,194,450,019.26

$1,000 compounded daily (or by trade or CloseRun) at different rates


The compounding results above include the original principal amount.

Do compounding calculations yourself using
our fully customizable online calculator below.

Compounded Forex Profits Calculator

Total = Principal Xs ( 1 + Rate ) months

The above equation calculates the account balance that you would have (TOTAL) if you profited on a starting account balance (PRINCIPAL) at a specific monthly (or per trade, CloseRun, day, or week) rate of profit (RATE) for a specific number of (MONTHS) (or trades, CloseRuns, days, or weeks). This calculator can solve for any one of these 4 numbers. Simply click on the button you don't know, then input the other 3 numbers, then click on "CALCULATE" to get your answer (INPUT RATE = 10 means10 percent).

Click the button that you want the answer for ...

or or or

Profit Rate Compounded Monthly

The compounding results above include the original principal amount. The value you enter for MONTHS can also apply to CloseRuns, Trades, Days, Weeks or Years, however the Effective Annual Rate results are only correct.when months are considered. The Effective Annual Rate minus 100% gives you the annual profit rate, so if the calculated Effective Annual Rate = 278% as an example, then 278% - 100% = 178%, the profit percent made.

Keys to Grid Trading

Power of Compounding CloseRuns
Proper Back-testing, Optimization
and Walk Forward Testing
Traders VPS and Latency Chart
99% Modelling Quality Back-testing

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